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KSV Group of Institutions is a good choice as they offer a variety of learning environments to meet global challenges. KSV offers thematic learning and follows CBSE curriculum where activity –based culture is encouraged. It is a place where your child's needs and learning style are identified.

Child- Centered Philosophy
KSV provides an academic environment which treats each child as a unique individual and develops him/her to the maximum potential.
The learning experience is through a practical approach to the theoretical inputs in today's dynamic global scenario.
Learning is an important resource for the child's social behaviour and personality. It equips a child to take on the world with confidence and blaze a trail through life, independently.

Only trained and experienced teaching faculty
At KSV, in spite of all the advanced equipment and teaching tools, the teacher remains the guiding force. Utmost care is taken in the recruitment of the faculty from the best of the talent available. The teachers at KSV are not just academically qualified to teach but they also have a sensitivity and empathy towards the child, which is again the part and parcel of the whole process of learning. The faculty is led by a Principal of impeccable credentials to ensure that academic standards of excellence are enforced.

Parents’ Involvement
Parents are as much a part of the teaching - learning process as the teachers. Monthly parent- teacher meetings are organized to enable a healthy and ongoing teacher -pupil - parent interaction. Participation and presence of parents in all occasions is welcomed at KSV.

A Different Approach
KSV provides a variety of learning experiences which promote integrated growth in all areas, be it, physical, intellectual, moral or social. KSV goes beyond the regular classes and teaching. We take on the responsibility to closely monitor each student, helping and steering the course of his/her area of aptitude, into his/her field of specialization and success. This exercise is carried out with proper feedback to the parents. Once the academic record of the child is established, the future course is determined in consultation with the concerned parents in the presence of the child, the School Counsellor and the Principal. Accordingly, KSV prepares the child in his/her field of interest to attain excellence.

  • A Total Commitment
  • A committed Management team
  • High caliber teaching faculty
  • Highly innovative and enlightened approach to education
  • Close ongoing collaboration with parents
  • Infrastructure
  • Provides spacious and highly ventilated classrooms with digital boards
  • Well-equipped Science, Math and Computer laboratories.
  • Library with fiction and non-fiction books, maps, journals, periodicals, newspapers and videos that support a variety of subjects for study and reference.
  • Well- equipped Conference Hall
  • Facility for playing Basket Ball and Sports Room for Table Tennis and Chess.
  • Separate units for Art, Music and Dance
  • Transport covering all areas
  • Spacious dining hall

The facilities provided at KSV will enable a holistic development of the child's abilities in academic, sports and extracurricular activities.